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Too many tears I have cried
Too many memories I can't forget
Too many years have flown by
Yet you're still here with me...

Not enough tears for you to hear me
Not enough memories to bring you back
Not enough years to easy the pain
Because you can never really be here with me again...

This page is dedicated to my mother who was taken from this world at the early age of 47 years old. If only the good die young, God must have agreed, you were the best. We miss you!

Angee's Family Room

This page isn't a sad page. It's a page that I hope will make you laugh, make you cry, or just make you think. Family is a gift from God. I will share with you tidbits and bloopers from my life. I encourage you to send me your stories about your family. It can be an "I can't believe they did(or said)that", or a "kids say the darndest things", or a "family's greatest moment", or I learned____ from____". Please e mail me and share your family with me and others(annonymously of course *smile*).


Kids say the darndest things

We were on our way to a Texas Rangers game with our church. The church bus we were on broke down, and we stopped at a gas station. Our Pastor went to get something from in the store. My 2 1/2 yr. old son shouted,"Hey, where is Jesus going?".

I can't believe they said that

My sister was living at my Aunt's house, but she had her own phone line. My cousin was staying there at the same time. She went into my sister's room and listened to the messages on the machine, because she gave her boyfriend that number to call her. She inadvertantly erased the messages. My sister was so mad, she told her she was going to start taking her phone and answering machine to work with her and just get her calls there. I asked her where she bought the phone, she said Wal-Mart. I had to ask her if they already knew her number when they sold her the phone. She didn't get it for a while...

Boy was My Face Red..

Being a daddy's girl can really be embarrassing at times. When I was in High School, I dated this guy who was always at our house. One day , my dad came home and I guess he was in a bad mood already because he asked my boyfriend if he had a house. When he said that he did, my father said,"well you better start spending more time at your house instead of ours or I'm going to start charging you rent."

Family's Greatest Moments

One of my greatest family moments has to be the night I graduated from High School. I was SO afraid my Dad wouldn't be able to make it because he worked in Louisiana and had to drive home. I waited as long as I could before leaving for graduation. He still wasn't there. After the procession, I was on stage preparing for my speech. When I saw him in the audience-- tired but there-- I beamed. I had family from all over come to my graduation, but that wouldn't have made up for anything if my Dad had not made it.

I Learned ______ From ________.

I learned to give from my mother. Every year at Christmas, she would invite all the boys(from work, mostly from Mexico) who couldn't go home for Christmas to our house for Christmas. Under our tree they would find gifts for each of them (usually homemade candies, cookies, sweaters, and caps) as if they were part of the family.

In Memory of
LaVerne Ann Pope
October 20, 1943-- October 23, 1990